All About Us


Since moving from West Gippsland Victoria in 1995 and relocating to "Umeralla" a 1350 Hectare property in Young New South Wales, we the Coleiro family set out to expand our quality stud and commercial herd.

The Stud has always been a total family affair, founded & run by Sally (Deceased Nov 2000), Paul (Deceased July 2002) & Their children Charlie, John & Jo.

Today the Stud which comprises of some 300 Stud breeders and a commercial herd is managed by Charlie, John and Jo.

The " KINGVALLEY" Stud was founded on "EMU HOLES" bloodlines in 1976 when 70 stud heifers were purchased. Over the years, other females have been purchased from dispersal and reduction female sales.

Our sire selection policy has always been of constitution, temperament, milk and soundness with good size and carcase traits when purchasing Stud bulls over the years.

Current Sire base includes bulls from leading studs such as Onslow, Tycolah, Wiranya, Merawah, Pine Hill, Pook Hill and Gunyah, plus home bred sires.

Our Sale bulls are bred to perform naturally on "GRASS" and in the 26 year history at "KINGVALLEY", "NO BULL" has ever been on a feeder, the only supplement feed has been Hay when required.

All Calves have been naturally reared on their mothers, then weaned on to a pasture paddock in a large mob. With no preferential treatment for the top calves, Then graded according to their performance.

No hoof trimming is practised at King Valley.